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Dance move subject outlines two bulls engaging each other. The garments standard shading subjects join red, green which are the genuine tones and white ,yellow being invaluable tones.Ladies put hen quills close by a texture top on their head. Noble men moreover put peacock plumes on their head. Rela' song is an essential piece of the Kommu-Koya move in which women move checked out rhythms summoned by men. The customs have it that women in the age social event of 16 to 45 simply practice the 'Rela' while the veterans play the aides, conceding planning. In addition, the men in splendid red pieces of clothing with bull-horn head gears manage the percussion

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Kommu koya, the ultimate dance musicality

The Kommu Koya artists have earned a wide fame for their elating exhibitions at social and cultural projects A glimpse of traditional tribal form.Do not miss to watch this exclusive dance form which reflects our culture in many opulent ways

kommu koya

Traditional tribal dance ever

kommu koya

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kommu koya

Very popular and distinctive tribal dance

kommu koya

Muscial and elegant steps of kommu koya